A subsidiary of Sannohashi Corporation

Tennessee Fastening Technology Corporation




As an integral distribution subsidiary of Sannohashi Corporation’s global network in North America, Japan, Europe and Asia – ­ Tennessee Fastening Technology has been built upon a 20 year-old reputation for unparalleled technical knowledge, precision cold forging products and processes, and exceptional customer service.

Tennessee Fastening Technology’s history of delivering total customer satisfaction is a direct result of the company’s unwavering commitment to the automotive industry for:

  1. Reliability, safety, and innovation in product design and development.
  2. Rigorous adherence to maximizing cost­-effectiveness.
  3. Uncompromising focus on timely execution and superior quality ­ from design to delivery.

Contact us for a quote on all of your precision bolt and fastening needs. You will experience the unique Tennessee Fastening Technology quality distinction that our customers around the world have relied upon for the past century.


Mission Statement

Like all Sannohashi subsidiaries, Tennessee Fastening Technology has always risen to meet even the most difficult of customers’ product challenges by leveraging our 100 years of technical strength in tandem with our unparalleled knowledge of metal deformation process technologies.

With the advancement of new technologies, TFTCO is well-poised to successfully accommodate future challenges presented to us by our customers – by seeking innovative solutions through the day-in/day-out strengthening of our technical knowledge.