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Shear Tight System

Shear Tight System


TFTCO’s proprietary Shear-Tight System was designed to ensure safety-critical torque requirements for fastening a vehicle’s suspension – without the risk of over or under-tightening.

Using the revolutionary Shear-Tight Wrench, the companion Shear-Tight Bolt is designed with a breaking groove to fracture (and visually confirm to the operator) once the specific required torque has been reached. Our combining of high-strength steel and heat treatment methods allows us to customize the torque requirements for each application.

A summary of the advantages delivered by the Shear-Tight System include:

  • Easy one-handed fastening with almost zero reaction force to the operator.
  • Small variation in torque tightening.
  • Simplification of Quality Assurance System.
  • Visual confirmation of proper assembly eliminates timely/costly quality checks for correct torque – ultimately guaranteeing the quality of shipped parts.